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Information about the state:
Colorado is a state in the west of the USA with 3,300,000 inhabitants, 270,000 square kilometers and 12 inhabitants per square kilometer. It acceded in 1876 to the 50 union states of the USA. Border states are Kansas in the East, Nebraska in the North-East, Wyoming in the North, Utah in the West, New Mexico in the South and Oklahoma in the South-East. The biggest rivers are the Colorado river, the Arkansas river, the South Platte and the Rio Grande. Big towns are Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Aspen and Durango. The highest mountain is Mt. Elbert, who is 4,400 meters high. Colorado has the minerals silver, copper, lead, iron and uranium. The petroleum-industry, which has its settling mainly in Denver, is the management for people from all parts of the USA.

Denver is the capital of Colorado and has 500,000 inhabitants (and 1.8 Mio. in the greater area). It was founded in 1859 as a goldgraver camp. His history places, excellent museums, longest pedestrian zone in the USA and the beautiful mountain world tempt many visitors. It is named "the Gate of the Rocky Mountains", too. The precipitation crowed and the sun hours are like those of Los Angeles and Miami Beach. The US mint stamps daily 20 Mio. coins. It is one of the three gold resting places in the USA.

The Mesa Verde Nationalpark is in SW-Colorado. The Spanish name Mesa Verde (that's translated "Green table") call the wooded plateau were in 1888 some cowboys find the good receive ruins. He is 20 square kilometres huge and at this plateau are many canyons. This Nationalpark is scenic and cultural equally remarkable. There are old ruins from the eleventh to the thirteen century of the culture of the Anazasi-indians. Their houses are sun-dried brick buildings (Lehmziegelbauten) in cavern. An example is the Cliff Palace with over 200 rooms. The second Nationalpark is the Rocky Mountains National Park and is located in N-Colorado. He is 1,000 square kilometres huge and clasps a 555 kilometre long Mountain chain. The Nationalpark has sixty-seven over 3,000 meters high hills, many glaciers and lakes and 200 marked nature paths. The biggest hill is Longs Peak. A lot roe deer, deer, montain sheeps and beavers live there. 3 million visitors come every year and explore the Nationalpark on his 600 kilometre long travel routes.

National Monuments:
The Dinosaur National Monument is the greatest "Dinosaur cemetery" of the world. There are many dinosaur skeletons in sandstone-walls. In the other part are 1,000m deep canyons. The Colorado National Monument shows with his deep canyons, even sand-stonewalls and jagged rocks that there's the begin of the Colorado Plateau. In the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Monument streams the Gunnison river 800m in the deep of the Black Mesa plateau. The rocks are sometimes 330m narrow and the river is 12m wide. The strong fall winds of the Great Sand Dunes Nation Monument heap themselves in the San Louis Valley to 200m high sand dunes on a area of 150 square km. In the slate slaps of the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument are flora and fauna from about 35 Mio. years fossilized preserve.

My information are from the books: "USA-The Southwest", world dictionary and "World in records"
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Den Kurzvortrag habe ich 1999 in der 8. Klasse gehalten und soweit ich mich erinnern kann gab's als Note eine 2-. Als Anschauungsmaterial hatte ich eine Folie mit den Umrissen des Staates, den größten Städten, Flüssen und den Nachbarstaaten. Außerdem hatte ich noch ein paar Bilder, die aber leider nicht mehr vorhanden sind. Im Internet oder in diversen Lexiken (bzw. Lexika) kannst du aber bestimmt eine Menge finden.