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Das Erzgebirge

The "Erzgebirge"

The origin
Because of the move of the earth nearly 300 million years ago a mountain range, which also enclosed the Erzgebirge, emerged at the today’s middle Europe. There was again a vault of the surface because it didn't cool down. Three pleats arose. The most southern between Bad Gottleuba and Zwota became to the highest and is the today’s Erzgebirge. Nearly 60 million years ago there is still energy in the inside of the earth but it wasn’t able to fold the solid earth-layer again.

The position
The Erzgebirge reaches nearly 50 km from Chemnitz to Komotau (in Czech Republic) and along the German-Czech border nearly 150 km from the Vogtland to the Elbsandsteingebirge. The North-border risees gradual whereas it is a steep slope in the South. The biggest hill is with 1244 m the Keilberg in Böhmen. More big mountains are the Fichtelberg at Oberwiesenthal with 1,214 m, the Auersberg at Johanngeorgenstadt with 1,019 m, the Kahleberg at Altenberg with 904 m and the Bärenstein with 898 m.

Famous people
A few famous people lived in the Erzgebirge. Somebody who perhaps is one of the most famous is the regional writer and singer Anton Günther. He was born in June 1876 in Gottesgab and the famous Erzgebirgssong "Feierobndlied" comes from him. He commited suicide in April 1937. To mention besides are the arithmetic master Adam Ries who lived in Annaberg, Barbara Uthmann who brought the lace into the Erzgebirge and the poacher Karl Stülpner who poached and gave his booty to the poor.

The sights
In the Erzgebirge are many castles. Especially known are the castles Augustusburg, Wildeck, Scharfenstein and Wolkenstein in and around the Zschopautal. Many winter sport possibilities like skiing, ski-jumping or toboggan are offered at the Erzgebirge in the winter. In the summer the extended forests invite to walk and relax. Who is interested in mining can inform himself in a visitor-mine which can be found for example in Annaberg, Pobershau and Ehrenfriedersdorf. Worth seeing are besides the ruins in Frauenstein, the Binge in Geyer, the Kleinerzgebirge in Oederan and Waschleite, the Frohnauer Hammer and the Museumsbahn between Jöhstadt and in future Steinbach.

With the name Erzgebirge people bind up the nickname Weihnachtsland. During Christmas all windows of the houses are decorated with flying buttresses, nut-crackers, miners, angels and so on. Those all originate from the mining-tradition in the Erzgebirge. Who thinks that the most decorate town is for example Annaberg, Marienberg or Freiberg is wrong because it’s the little village Mauersberg. In the advent season there are many mine parades in different towns.

The towns
Annaberg-Buchholz was established in 1945 after the unification of the 1496 founded Annaberg and the 1501 founded Buchholz. It has a double city arms and nearly 29,000 inhabitants.
The county town Marienberg was founded in 1521 as a doughter-town of Annaberg. There live about 10,000 inhabitants.
Zschopau originated in 1292 at the river crossing of the trade route from Prag to Leipzig. It has nearly 10,500 inhabitants and is known for its motorbike factory.
Aue was grow together out of 7 housing estates in 1296 and has nearly 30,000 inhabitants. The extraction of uranium ore was in process from 1946 till 1990. It belongs to the Aue - Schwarzenberg county, which is about 528 square-kilometres big.
Schneeberg was founded in 1471 and has about 22,000 inhabitants.
The about 1180 colonized town Freiberg has the oldest mining academy in the world. There are several research institutes, one of them is a radium research establishment.

  • to toboggan - rodeln
  • mountain rang - Bergkette
  • pleats - Falten
  • origin - Entstehung
  • gradual - allmählich
  • regional writer - Heimatdichter
  • poacher - Wilddieb
  • to make lace - klöppeln
  • flying buttress - Schwibbogen
  • booty - Beute
  • city arms - Stadtwappen
  • uranium ore-Uraniumerz
  • research institut - Forschungsinstitut

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